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We help our clients build the perfect team, put together the best possible processes, adapted to
your environment, using our 25 years of global commercial, industrial and retail inventory experience.

Count your next inventory using Inventory People

We enroll Inventory Auditors and professional Inventory Managers in Canada, nationwide. Our Inventory People are categorized based on key criteria which are specific to the inventory industry, ensuring the best possible outcome for our customers.

We provide inventory preparation guidelines, inventory processes, inventory instructions, inventory recheck procedures, mobile inventory applications and conduct webinars with staff and clients to ensure that everyone is inventory ready when inventory day has come.


You know, understand and manage your company year-round.

You have knowledgeable employees who understand your environment.

You already have the systems and the equipment to take your own inventories.

We have Inventory Auditors, Inventory Managers, Senior Inventory Consultants and Mobile Inventory Applications to complement your team, augment your data capture accuracy and guide you through a flawless inventory stock take.

We have a remote consulting
management team to help you
get inventory ready

With Inventory People you take control of your inventory process.

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