Self-Inventory Application

Inventory People offers an affordable self-inventory mobile application, SIA.
SIA is built for collecting and counting inventory data at commercial, industrial, warehouses and distribution centers.

SIA (Self-Inventory Application)

SIA is flexible and offers an extensive array of possible configurations to collect and validate inventory data by simply downloading the pre-configured application to any smartphones, tablets, or handheld devices.

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SIA Features

SIA is built to be configured quickly, to capture and validate product codes, SKU, UPC, descriptions, unit of measures, quantities, on-hand inventory, you name it!

The reporting and file transfer protocols are coherent and allow for any file format to be produced and made available online through our customer portal.

SIA is built on 3 decades of global inventory, data collection and data management expertize.

SIA is affordable, productive, reliable, accurate and flexible and, it is the only inventory application you will ever need to collect and manage your inventory data!

With Inventory People, you can use our inventory technology with your own people, you can have our inventory experts come in and manage 100% of your inventory project or we can combine both teams by augmenting the resources you need for the perfect inventory outcome.

Our team has managed thousands of data collection and inventory events around the world for some of the largest retailers, some of the most successful manufacturers and for some of the most complex supply chain organizations.


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