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Providing Canadian companies with experienced
inventory auditors, inventory managers and
senior inventory consultants.

We Provide Our Clients With Experienced Inventory Counting specialists.

We are a third-party inventory counting company, providing inventory counting auditors, inventory managers and senior inventory consultants to companies across Canada. We have managed and staffed thousands of inventories in retail stores, warehouses, distribution centers and, in commercial and industrial environments for almost 30 years. We can help you see clearly through your inventory count process and help you save big dollars along the way!

We provide companies with experienced inventory people, whatever the need!


How it Works

Inventory time has come, and you are looking for the perfect inventory company to help you achieve an accurate count.

Inventory People will adapt to your counting reality by providing you with the resources needed to complete your next inventory accurately and successfully.

Inventory People will plan the perfect inventory while considering your current process, your employees, and your technology, adapting our own resources to augment your capabilities and your count accuracy every step of the way.

Our approach to inventory counting is designed to partner with our clients, working as one towards the perfect count.

We have the right inventory counting team to help you


We have managed and staffed thousands of inventories in retail stores, warehouses, distribution centers and, in commercial and industrial environments for over 30 years. As an inventory stock take company, Inventory People specializes in offering inventory stock-take services, inventory management solutions, Inventory valuation services and traceable RFID inventory related solutions to a wide range of companies.

Our business is simple, we focus on physically counting and verifying the quantities of goods, products, or assets a company holds in its inventory. The Inventory Specialists at Inventory People play a vital role in helping its clients maintain precise records of their stock levels, ensuring alignment between the recorded inventory and the actual physical quantities on hand.

Inventory People employs trained professionals who use various methods like manual counting, barcode scanning, RFID technology, and inventory management software to perform the stock-taking efficiently and with minimal disruption to our client’s operations. The goal is to identify any discrepancies between recorded inventory levels and the actual inventory on hand, which could arise from errors, theft, damage, or other factors.

By outsourcing your next inventory stock take to Inventory People, your business will gain accurate insights into your inventory status, optimize stock management processes, and you will make informed decisions regarding your purchasing, your sales, and your supply chain operations. Using Inventory People will enhance operational efficiency, reduce the risk of stock-related losses, and will contribute to overall improve your inventory management practices.

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